Eternal Closure, is a Melodic Metalcore band that was founded in 2012 in Montreal, Quebec. They released their second album, ''Color of Our Fears'' in July 2019, almost exactly three years after releasing their debut ''Screaming in Silence'', and five years after releasing their first EP ''Ad Primum’'. Eternal Closure's has had many lineup changes throughout the years. Their sound has evolved with each change of personnel. The group has crafter a style that can be identified as a blend of mid-2000's metalcore and progressive metal with a modern identity.


Eternal Closure’s current line-up is composed of Maxime Lepage (singer), Olivier Boitel (lead guitar and back vocals), Carlos Da Costa Leclerc (rhythm guitar and back vocals), Jonathan Lauzon (bass and back vocals) and Philippe Boitel (drums).

Since ''Screaming in Silence'' was released, Eternal Closure have regularly performed on the Montreal Metal scene. They have opened for acts such as Ice Nine Kills and The Agonist in. They were also part of the lineup of two underground summer festival in 2019. Breakdown Fest in Montreal and Vankleek Farm Fest in Vankleek Hill which had Beyond Creation and Obey the Brave as headliners. The band was part of a showcase at cherry Cola's at Indie Week 2019.


Eternal Closure is all about  writing and playing music live. They will continue to support the release through the end of 2019 and continue writing new material for their next release in 2020.

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