Philippe Lemelin

Passion and discipline are perhaps the two elements that define me best. I have an immoderate love for music, for as long as I can remember. 


I have been playing guitar since I was a kid. Funny story, I told my parents I wanted to play the banjo, but they bought me a guitar instead! At first, I didn’t like the music lessons I was given when I was young because it was all about theory, classical training, etc. But as soon as I was given a chance to play songs I like with others, back when I was a teenager, I instantly realized: this is what I want to do. And I have never stopped playing since.


While I was studying jazz guitar at cégep Marie-Victorin, I met other musicians that shared my taste for heavy music. I joined the Montreal-based metalcore band Dead Elegance in 2013. While I was with them, I had the opportunity to play gigs every month, opening for touring metal bands, sometimes well-known names like For Today, Within the Ruins, Silent Planet, and many more. We released an EP in 2016 and then we disbanded.


I joined Eternal Closure because I know these guys and gals mean business. Like me, they understand music requires a passion, but also a lot of work. I cannot wait for shows to happen again so we can share your love for music to others in person!