Marine Lacarrière

« There are two ways of forgetting about life's small troubles : music and cats » Albert Schweitzer


I discovered metal music with my brothers from an early age and it has not left me ever since. I started taking classic guitar lessons at age of 10 for two years, and on the side I was learning on my own how to play on an electric guitar with all sorts of bands from AC/DC to Bring me the horizon. Now my influences are among many Hypno5e, August burns red, Gojira, Defeater, Periphery, Knocked Loose and Naïve. 


Since I was 16, I've been on several metalcore “garage bands”, I have done small shows but nothing too serious. Ever since, I have been composing my own music on guitar and piano with the hope that someday, I would meet the right persons to start a tangible project or at least, integrate one. 


I moved out in Montreal in 2017 with that idea still in my mind and it is only in 2020 that I met Eternal Closure.

I finally found THE band that I was looking for so long: music that matches with me and fantastic people. 

I can't wait for this pandemic to be over so we can start this adventure together on stage!