Olivier Boitel

Music as always been my love. In my childhood my father would constantly play Rush and Dream Theater and I remember it annoying me a little. Funny that now they're two of my favorite bands and a huge influence to the music I write. Growing older I listened to what every pre-teen listened to, which was a blend of Nu Metal and Pop-Punk. That's when my need to start writing music was beginning to rear its head.

I always had these ideas in my head but couldn't act on it since the only instrument I knew how to play was drums. After messing with the guitar for a few years I started to take it seriously enough where I could start recording my own little demos. And I've been developping my writing skills ever since.

When I entered the at the time unnamed band, I was by default forced to play bass and sing, which were the two most unnatural positions I could be in. But, I needed a band. For a -too long- while we kinda sucked and my songs were quite all over the place, trying to find a sound that would fit. You can still hear that on our debut album Screaming In Silence, although in a much lesser manner.

We're now almost seven years since the band's inception. Many members came and left, countless songs were written than scrapped, big and small local venues were played in. Now confident with my abilities and my friends/bandmates, I'm ready to take the next step and take over the world.